Why Use Our Services

Why Use Our Services

Reduced Expense

The cost of hiring a mediator, arbitrator, negotiator or Ombudsman is much less that going through the court system. According to many research services, hourly attorney’s fees can range from $200 – $1,000 per hour. For example, the average contested divorce is said to require between 27 and 60 billable attorney’s hours.
As a comparison, couples in divorce mediation usually try to resolve their concerns without hiring or bringing their attorneys to the sessions.  According to many independent research studies, Conflict and Dispute Resolution Services, on average, save the parties between $500 and $6,000 per case depending on the complexity of the case.  Let us show you how we can help!



Similar to expenses, Conflict and Dispute Resolution Service processes do not typically last nearly as long as the litigation process. When lawsuits are filed, each side takes time to gather evidence, file documents and go through the processes involved. This may take months or years depending on the complexity of the case and the court docket schedules. Conflict and Dispute Resolution Services are designed to allow parties to resolve their differences more quickly, as it allows them to meet on their own time and try to reach mutually beneficial agreements.


Broader Access for Those with Less Time and Fewer Resources

Due to the time and expertise required with litigation, many people simply can’t afford the time constraints or the time commitment required. Time is a limitation on your access to the judicial system. When you first seek legal advice, the billing meter begins to run. If you can’t afford to spend the money or the time away from work or your business, you may not be able to use the court system to seek the justice you want. Conflict and Dispute Resolution Services are less expensive and takes less time than litigation if the parties agree to move forward together. This has become the path that is gaining wider acceptance for conflict and dispute resolution.  We are here to help, we can show you the difference.


Less Stress

Most of us don’t have the experience filing lawsuits, going to court or participating in the legal process. It can be a daunting, scary proposition for most of us.  Even the thought of having to go to trial or sue someone can fill many people with dread, anxiety and reduce their quality of life. The adversarial nature of the legal process can create great anxiety.  At Conflict and Dispute Resolution Service we propose a process that can be less stressful and does not involve formal court appearances.  Take the anxiety out of conflict and disputes, call us and ask us how.



Most, but not all, Conflict and Dispute Resolution Services are conducted privately and confidentially – so when disputing parties meet the location and the terms and solutions they discuss and agree to are not necessarily open to public record or public inspection.
This is not always true in litigation. As soon as a lawsuit is filed for or against you that document becomes a public record. Anyone who wants to know can go to the courthouse and review the document filed with the court, effectively making your dispute public knowledge. Many times as a matter of public record, print and other media announce these things as a “public service” to the community you live and work in.  The potential negative public relations image can damage many a business or individual.  We can help you avoid the embarrassment and awareness Conflict and Dispute can create.  Email us today to discuss your needs.



The litigation process by nature can be adversarial.  Someone wants to “win” at the expense of the other party. Unlike litigation, the parties involved in the Conflict and Dispute Resolution can use the process as a collaborative or constructive one, rather than the adversarial nature of the litigation process. We work to create a “win-win” for all involved if possible.  The mediation process does not involve presenting evidence, but is focused on YOU and the other party trying to come to a mutual agreement that satisfies BOTH sides. In this way, we at Conflict and Dispute Resolution Services are better able to help you maintain relationships between parties who might otherwise see their relationship suffer if their dispute rises to the level of litigation.