Mediation, Arbitration, Trainings & More<br><Strong>Virtual or In-Person Consultations Available</strong>

Mediation, Arbitration, Trainings & More
Virtual or In-Person Consultations Available

Conflict will not go away.

Let us help your organization, work team, employees, family members or social group resolve any situation where two or more people do not see eye to eye. We are experienced professionals that work to create an environment to find and reach resolution. Consider how much energy and time goes in to trying to avoid it or in trying to engage in destructive battles.


How can we help?

Conflict and Dispute Resolution (Alternative Dispute Resolution or ADR) is a process, or a collection of processes, that affords people the opportunity to resolve a legal, family, business, neighbor or any other kind of dispute without having to resort to litigation. ADR is designed to be an alternative to resolving a dispute through the civil litigation process.